Other ways to donate

To accelerate research, the Institut de la Vision needs all forms of donations.

Sports challenges (peer-to-peer, crowdfunding)

Participate in the Course des Héros, a great celebration of solidarity and generosity:

  • Concrete solidarity commitment for each participant by creating your fundraising page for the benefit of the Institut de la Vision and asking your network for support
  • Races for everyone (including the less athletic): the 8 km foot race, the 5 km walk and the 2 km course for young children, parents and people with reduced mobility
  • Meet us at the Institut de la Vision stand for a friendly moment with our research teams

In memoriam donation

A beautiful way to pay tribute to a loved one by contributing to research on eye diseases. Rather than sending flowers or traditional condolence cards, an in memoriam donation allows you to make a donation in memory of the deceased person.

Ceremonial donations

This is an act of generosity that allows you to share a happy event with your family, friends and colleagues. It involves replacing a gift (wedding, birthday...) with a fundraising collection for the benefit of research.

Arnaud Bricout
Head of Philanthropy