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Serving as a comprehensive information platform for patients and the general public, this Web TV platform fosters connections and exchanges between clinicians, physicians, researchers, and patients to discuss various eye diseases and scientific breakthroughs.

An Information Session on Eye Diseases

Researchers and clinicians are dedicated to sharing the work and results dedicated to vision-related diseases and the fight against blindness. In this regard, the Institut de la Vision and the Hôpital national des 15-20, as part of the IHU FOReSIGHT, have conceived an information and awareness session for the general public.

For one hour, writer and Arte journalist Elisabeth Quin hosts a dynamic program that combines education, testimonials, and interactivity, with the audience having the opportunity to ask questions live. Focused on a specific theme, each program is an opportunity to present a pathology, review research, available treatments, and share the latest innovations for patients.

An interactive Web TV, live or on replay

By registering on the Web TV website, internet users can watch the program live. They have the opportunity to ask their questions before and during the broadcast. Elisabeth Quin collects them to submit to the evening's guests. The topics are then available for replay.

To discover all the videos, log in and register on the Web TV website.

Platform Web TV

They talk about it...

«As a European leader in research on ocular pathologies, the Institute of Vision is an indisputable source of expertise.»

Serge Picaud, Director of the Institut de la Vision

«With over 130,000 patients seen annually at the Hospital of 15-20, we felt the need to consider an educational communication channel that directly addresses them and their families.»

Nicolas Peju, Director of Hôpital national des 15-20.

«In the face of today's challenges in visual impairment that concern all audiences, we have identified a real need for information on advances in fundamental research and treatments.»

Pr Christophe Baudouin, Director of IHU FOReSIGHT


Elisabeth Quin

Journalist, Web TV presenter

As a journalist, Elisabeth Quin has worked for radio, television, and print media. Since January 2012, she has been hosting the daily news magazine "28 Minutes" on the Arte channel. She is the author of several books and regularly contributes to print media.