An unprecedented audio investigation that takes you on a journey to discover vision pathologies to better understand them.

Dive into the depths of the eyes, into the podcast to change your perspective on vision pathologies. Designed to raise awareness about the realities of visual impairment, which are rarely highlighted in France, this podcast is part of an awareness campaign orchestrated by the 15-20 Hospital, the Institute de la Vision, and the IHU FOReSIGHT for vision.

Season 1 dedicated to myopia and high myopia

Thanks to an original format of audio investigation, the first season focuses on myopia and high myopia. Embark with Léa Minod, myopic since childhood, who authentically narrates her blurry world without her glasses and shares her discoveries about this pathology. This series provides a comprehensive understanding of myopia, from its complications to its correction methods.

⚠️ This podcast only exists in its original French version. However, a textual transcription will be soon available in English.