They support us

Several companies and organizations (foundations, endowments, associations) support our research aimed at developing therapeutic innovations that will bring a better quality of life to visually impaired and blind people. We sincerely thank them for their support and trust.

Our patrons

Groupement Optic 2000
The Optic 2000 - Lissac - Audio 2000 Corporate Foundation has been a patron of the Vision Institute since 2009.
See the Groupement Optic 2000 website

UNIM, the National Union for the Interests of Medicine, has chosen to support the research work of Serge Picaud, director of the Vision Institute on gene therapy.
See the UNIM website

La Fondation Dalloz - Institut de France
The Dalloz Foundation aims to help, through competitions, subsidies or scholarships, researchers, research teams, laboratories working in the field of ophthalmology, mainly in France or Europe.
See the Fondation Dalloz website

Fondation Obélisque
The Obélisque Foundation aims to ensure that the concern for generosity lasts over time and to support projects within the framework of interventions that can take various forms.
See the Fondation Obélisque website is the 1st site for delivering solidarity flowers.
See the website

Our former patrons

La Fondation LCL • Fondation EDF • Carrefour • E. Leclerc • CCAH • LVMH • Meilleures assurances • Entrepreuneurs & Go • Humanis • Fonds Handicap & Société • Malakoff Médéric • Agriga • Ircem • AG2R La Mondiale • Klesia • La Bred • Quovadis • ALTEN