The Institut de la Vision research centre is directed by Dr Serge Picaud, assisted by the Strategic Committee and the International Scientific Council. The Institute is supported by 3 prestigious bodies (Inserm, CNRS and Sorbonne University) and the Fondation Voir et Entendre.

The Strategic Committee

The Strategic Committee meets twice a month to discuss scientific orientations, budgetary procedures and the organisation of the internal life of the Institut de la Vision.


  • Alain Chedotal - Developmental Biology Department
  • Olivier Marre - Visual Information Processing Department 
  • Christina Zeitz - Genetics Department
  • Florian Sennlaub - Therapeutics Department
  • Valentina Emiliani - Photonics Department

The International Scientific Committee

The International Scientific Committee meets at least every two years to evaluate the scientific policy and contribute to the future vision of the Institut de la Vision. Representing 9 nationalities, it is made up of 16 internationally recognised independent experts in the fields of ophthalmology, neuroscience, photonics, vectorology, immunology, computational science and artificial intelligence.

The 16 members of the SAB (from left to right and top to bottom): Steve Moss, Fritjof Helmchen, Michel Cayouette, Thérèse Collins, Sarah Doyle, Jane Farrar, [ Serge Picaud - IDV ], Jonathan Victor, Katarina Stingl, Paloa Bovolenta, John Dowling, Na Ji, Elfride De Baere, Anand Swaroop, Larry Benowitz, Jesús Merayo Loves, Andrew Dick


  • Steve MOSS - University College, London, England
  • Fritjof HELMCHEN - Brain Research Institute, Switzerland
  • Michel CAYOUETTE - Clinical Research Institute of Montreal, Canada
  • Thérèse COLLINS - Université de Paris Cité, France
  • Sarah DOYLE - Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
  • Jane FARRAR - Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
  • Jonathan VICTOR - Weill Cornell Medical College, USA
  • Katarina STINGL - University Hospital Tübigen, Germany
  • Paloa BOVOLENTA - Severo-Ochoa Molecular Biology Centre, Spain
  • John DOWLING - Harvard University, USA
  • Na JI - University of California, USA
  • Elfride DE BAERE - Centre for Medical Genetics, Belgium
  • Anand SWAROOP - National Eye Institute, USA
  • Larry BENOWITZ - Boston Children’s hospital, USA
  • Jesús MERAYO LOVES - Fernandez-Vega Ophthalmological Institute, Spain
  • Andrew DICK - University College, London, England

Fondation Voir & Entendre

A scientific cooperation foundation, the Fondation Voir & Entendre coordinates and supports the Institut de la Vision's research projects.
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The Institut de la Vision research centre is under the supervision of three prestigious institutions - Sorbonne University, Inserm and the CNRS - which have been involved in its development since its conception and from which the majority of the Institute's researchers come:

Sorbonne university 

Logo Sorbonne Université
Committed to its public service mission, Sorbonne Universités aims to embody ambitious, innovative and democratic university education, and to be recognised as one of the world's leading research centres.
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Logo Inserm
Inserm, the only French public research organisation entirely dedicated to human health, was given responsibility in 2008 for the strategic, scientific and operational coordination of biomedical research. This central coordinating role is a natural consequence of the scientific quality of its teams, but also of its ability to carry out translational research, from the laboratory to the patient's bedside.
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As France's leading multidisciplinary research organisation, the CNRS conducts research in all areas of science, technology and society, including mathematics, physics, information and communication sciences and technologies, nuclear and high-energy physics, earth and universe sciences, chemistry, life sciences, human and social sciences, environmental sciences and engineering sciences.
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