Corporate Sponsorship

The Vision Institute allows its corporate and organizational partners to showcase their support for major scientific and medical projects to their customers and employees. Our sponsorship team will work with you to implement your preferred mode of action (financial sponsorship, product sharing, online piggy banks, micro-donations on salary, micro-donations at the checkout) according to your challenges and communication objectives.

Fund eye disease research more easily thanks to tax benefits

Donations made under the sponsorship scheme allow companies that make less than €2 million in donations per year to benefit from a corporate tax reduction equal to 60% of the amount paid, up to a limit of either €20,000 or 0.5% of turnover. Beyond €2 million in cumulative donations, the deduction is 40%. When the amount of the tax reduction exceeds the annual limit, the unallocated balance can be carried forward for the payment of tax due for the next five years (or financial years).

Arnaud Bricout
Head of Philanthropy