The histology platform provides a full range of technological and scientific services to research center teams as well as the surrounding academic and private sectors. 

Facility staff assists users by providing training on histological equipment and techniques or can be in charge of studies in order to answer to the needs of the teams.

Action fields

  • Visual and retinal disorders ;
  • Others tissues, such as the brain tissue, can also be studied.


  • Tissue processing ;
  • microscope sample slicing and staining ;
  • cryostat preparation and cutting ;
  • immunohistochemistry ;
  • in situ hybridization ;
  • miscroscopy.


The facility is fully equipped for the preparation of fresh, frozen, paraffin and resin samples.
For sample preparation:
  • Benchtop Bioquell PT 1200 ;
  • Spin Tissue Processor Microm STP 121 ;
  • Embedding Station Microm EC350.

For cutting:

  • 2 cryostats Microm HM 560 ;
  • 1 cryostat Leica CM 1900 for human tissue ;
  • Microtome Microm HM 340 ;
  • Ultramicrotome Leica UC6 ;
  • Vibrating Blade Leica VT 1000 ;
  • Sliding Microtome Microm HM 450.

For staining:

  • Automatic stainer Microm HSM 70

For genomic and proteomic analysis:

  • Laser microdissection system Leica LMD 6500

The platform propose to carry out histological techniques:

  • Staining to highlight tissue and cells ;
  • Immunochemistry to localize proteins ;
  • In situ hybridization to analyze genes expression.

For any questions or quotation requests, please send an email to the technical manager.


Alain Chedotal
Scientific supervisor


Stéphane Fouquet
Technical supervisor


Marie-Laure Niepon
Technical supervisor deputy