The biochemistry platform of the Institut de la Vision manages equipments dedicated to protein biochemistry. It is specialized in protein-protein interactions and provides advice for the implementation and optimization of protocols.


  • Fusion Fx7 (Vilber Lourmat): Chemiluminescence and fluorescent imaging system (acquisition and analysis of  Western blot membrane) ;
  • ChemiDoc XR+ (Bio-Rad): Stain free imaging (normalization tools in Western blot analysis) ;
  • Bioanalyzer 2100 (Agilent Technologies): quantification and quality assessment of DNA, RNA and proteins;
  • NanoDrop 2000 (Thermo Scientific): concentration and purity measurements of DNA, RNA and proteins.

Assistance and advice:

  • Demo and trainings for autonomous equipment operation ;
  • Assistance for protocol implementation and optimization (1D electrophoresis, immunoprecipitation, lipid raft isolation, binding assay).

Sample preparation:

Additional services are being implemented, in particular the analysis of protein-protein interactions using FRET or Proximity Ligation Assay.

For requests and quotes, please send an email to the technical manager.


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Xavier Nicol
Scientific supervisor


Yvrick Zagar
Technical manager
Expertises in protein-protein interaction, analysis of signalling pathways, 1D electrophoresis, protein purification.