Degenerative retinoschisis


Degenerative retinoschisis is also known as acquired degenerative retinoschisis.

The terms senile or age-related degenerative retinoschisis are also used, but these names do not correctly describe this condition as it can also occur in the third decade of life (20-30 years).


Degenerative retinoschisis is an acquired idiopathic condition characterized by gradual peripheral splitting of the retinal layers, typically between inner nuclear and outer plexiform layer. It produces a well-circumscribed, transparent dome-shaped elevation of the inner retina that extends anteriorly towards the ora serrata.

Degenerative retinoschisis was first reported by M. Bartels in 1933. Two histological forms of the disease have been described by B. R. Straatsma and R.Y. Foos in 1973.