SpiCee"SpiCee: a genetic tool for subcellular and cell specific calcium manipulation" is the title of the publication by Oriol Ros, Sarah Baudet, Yvrick Zagar, Karine Loulier, Fiona Roche, Sandrine Couvet, Alain Aghaie, Melody Atkins, Alice Louail, Christine Petit, Christine Metin, Yves Mechulam, and Xavier Nicol published in Cell Reports.

SpiCee is a genetically-encoded calcium buffer that enables altering calcium signaling in vivo with cellular and subcellular precision. Calcium is a second messenger crucial to many cellular processes ranging from metabolic regulation and cell survival to vesicle release, neurotransmission and cell motility.

Correct calcium signaling is crucial for a healthy neuronal development and function. SpiCee is a versatile calcium chelator that enables the manipulation of endogenous calcium signaling in single cells in vitro and in vivo, altering in this way their functions.

SpiCee paves the way to investigate local calcium signaling in vivo and directly manipulate this second messenger for therapeutic use.

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