Ori Katz of the Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has been invited by Valentina Emiliani to hold a talk on Tuesday 12 April, 11 a.m. , in the conference room of the UCL , 13 Rue Moreau. This talk will be on "Imaging with scattered light: using speckles to see deeper and sharper"


Scattering of light in complex samples, such as biological tissue, renders most samples opaque to conventional optical imaging techniques, a problem of great practical importance. However, although random, scattering of coherent light is deterministic, and possess inherent correlations that are maintained even after multiple scattering events. These allow physical correction of scattering, and computational reconstruction of diffraction-limited images through visually opaque samples and around corners, combining light and sound.

I will present the fundamental principles and limitations of the novel approaches that aim at undoing random scattering. If time permits, I will present how the same principles can also
be employed to realize miniature lensless endoscopes.