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The Vision Institute is a Biology Research Center located in the heart of Paris, within the Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire (IHU) FOReSIGHT on the site of the Quinze-Vingts National Ophthalmology Hospital. This research center is under the co-supervision of Sorbonne University, INSERM, and CNRS.

To date, it houses 18 teams, organized into 5 scientific departments, which conduct fundamental and translational research of excellence in the field of Vision and Ophthalmology.

The Institute's teams are carrying out fundamental, clinical and translational vision research focused on understanding our vision, its development and alterations during pathological processes (including genetic, vascular or inflammatory diseases) and aging, and developing and transferring to patient’s innovative therapies and diagnostic technologies.

The research is published in top journals. In parallel the Vision Institute has implemented a very active development and technology transfer policy with the creation of start-ups and numerous industrial partnerships. Thus, the Institute's teams create a continuum from the most basic research to clinical and industrial applications. Immersion into a clinical and industrial environment and integration into a broad international network are essential features of The Vision Institute within the IHU FOReSIGHT.

To achieve their objectives, researchers have access to cutting-edge technological platforms (imaging, cell cultures (including iPSCs), flow cytometry, high-throughput screening, phenotypic analysis of animal models (zebra fish, rodents, primates). They also have access to other specialized platforms installed in the hospital and regional partnering sites (functional MRI imaging, non-human primate facility). The Fondation Voir et Entendre provides logistical support for research and funding opportunities management.

The Director shall be a scientific figure of international renown in the field of Vision and Ophthalmology. He/she shall define -in concert with the Board of Directors/in agreement with the Governing Board of the Institute and the IHU- an ambitious scientific strategy for the Vision Institute, at the national and international level, focusing on the three dimensions that make the institute's strengths: fundamental, clinical and technological innovation; he/she shall also have an important management mission and shall decide, in agreement with the Board of Directors/the Governing Board of the Institute and the IHU, on the allocation of financial and human resources granted by the Trustees/ the supervisors Sorbonne University, INSERM, and CNRS.

Anyone holding a position at the Sorbonne University, Inserm or CNRS or, in the context of national or international mobility (to be defined at a later date), at another university or other research establishment may apply.

The mission will start at the beginning of 2021, halfway through the Institute's five-year term 2019-2023, renewable for the following term. If necessary, integration into the Institute may be considered with a transition period with the current Director, José-Alain Sahel.

The application file including Titles and Works/Credential and Works (10 pages), CV (two-sided document) and motivation letter (two-sided document) should be sent to before September 10th 2020.

Call for applications for the position of director of the Vision Institute in Paris, France [PDF]