labPreclinical platform in ophthalmology is located at MirCen (Molecular imaging research center) in Fontenay-Aux-Roses (92). Mircen is an integrated structure dedicated to preclinical studies in gene, cell and drug therapy for neurodegenerative diseases. The facilities of preclinical platform in ophtalomogy are dedicated to the exploration and validation of concepts and the preclinical evaluation of new treatment strategies in the domains of gene, cell and drug-based therapies.

The platform is equipped with one surgery room and everything required for sophisticated experimental surgery in ophthalmology: Full-function vitreoretinal system, surgical microscope with video, slit lamp, global and multifocal ERGs.

We closely work with our public and private partner to develop clear and feasible preclinical projects from the design of to conclusions of the study. Together with the local ethics committee and in accordance with decree 2013-118 of European directive 2010/63/UE, all projects are submitted to an institutional review board for approval to improve the treatment and conditions of the animals used for experimentation.

Pic. 1 Neurosurgery room © CEA MIRCen



  • Constellation vision system from Alcon
  • Surgical microscope, Opmi Lumera 700 from Zeiss
  • Spectralis; Heidelberg
  • Global and multifocal ERG, RETImap SLO + ERG from Roland consult
  • Slit lamp SL120 with additional lateral port for camera, Zeiss
  • Laser Ophtalas 532 nmEyelite, Alcon

Technical characteristics

  • Intra vitreal and subretinal injections
  • In vivo follow up eye fundus imaging, SLO/OCT, Angiography
  • Electrophysiological Unit (Full field and multifocal) combined with SLO