Valentina Emilianii's lab has pioneered the use of wave-front shaping for neuroscience. In particular, they demonstrated a number of new techniques for 3D optogenetics neural control, techniques based on computer generated holography, generalized phase contrast and temporal focusing. Most of these systems are currently the only existing worldwide. With these approaches, this lab first demonstrated simultaneous 2P optogenetics stimulation of multiple cell, all optical neuronal control at cellular resolution in freely moving mice, and 3D neuronal circuits manipulation with sub-millisecond temporal precision and single cell resolution. These approaches are currently used in a series of collaborative projects, including the analysis of Zebrafish swim circuit, the investigation of short term memory, the study of calcium dynamics in respiratory-related neurons, the investigation of the pathophysiology of the visual system, the investigation of retinal circuits and the optical detection of neuronal membrane voltage. Valentina has coordinated several consortium based research projects, at the national and international level. She has been co-author more than 70 publications and presented in the last 10 years more than 50 invited talks.

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TEL.: 01 53 46 26 70

ADDRESS: Institut de la Vision, 1st Floor, 17 rue Moreau, 75012 PARIS


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