The cell culture platform of the Institut de la Vision is divided in 5 rooms between the 2nd and the 4th floor. There are 4 L1 rooms and 1 L2 where human tissues / cells and virus can be manipulated.

illustration culture cellulaire


Cell culture rooms are open to the personnel of the Institut de la Vision.

They provide the classical tools for cell culture:

  • Microbiological safety cabinets ;
  • CO2 incubators ;
  • Inverted microscopes ;
  • Centrifuges ;
  • Tools for precise dissection ;
  • Includes the single use plastics for cell culture and more.

Techniques such as primary retinal cells, explants, RPE cells, etc. are used at the Institut de la Vision.


Olivier Goureau
Scientific supervisor


Valerie Fradot
Technical manager
Installation and management of cell culture rooms