Based on recent results obtained by the teams of its scientific founders, the company develops innovative approaches to (i) prevent retinal degeneration in selected pathological conditions and (ii) to restore vision in patients suffering from very low vision or blindness.

Founded in 2012, the company is building on its close relationship with José Sahel, Botond Roska, Ernst Bamberg, Jean Bennett, Luk Vandenberghe and Connie Cepko, six of the world’s most renowned leading experts in this field and co-founders of GenSight Biologics.

Our strategic vision is to become the leader in gene therapy for ophthalmology diseases. We aim to develop, on the basis of our technology and know-how in the field of AAV vectors, optogenetics and genetic disorders, innovative therapeutic products that could avoid sight loss or restore vision in patients suffering from various forms of retinal degeneration.

Vision loss is the most feared consequence of disease apart from death. There are 15 million people in the Western world suffering from blindness or very limited vision, with few, if any treatments. Very limited vision and blindness are associated with very high costs (current estimates are more than €200 billion in the EU alone).

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