Felix FrankeInvited by Ulysse Ferrari, Assistant Professor Felix Franke (IOB/University of Basel will give a talk on Friday December 15th, 11.30 AM, in the conference room of the UCL, 13 Rue Moreau.

This talk will be dealing with "Estimating non-linear neural response properties reveals localized, but non-linear, receptive fields agnostic to white noise stimulation".

Neurons in the visual pathway often respond poorly to white noise stimulation, a standard technique to map receptive fields and study neural responses. By reverse correlating against a non-linear parametric description of the visual stimulus, we recover receptive fields and neural tuning functions otherwise inaccessible by white noise stimulation. We can reveal localized, but strongly non-linear, receptive fields in the nucleus of the optic tract, a midbrain region necessary for the optokinetic reflex, which stabilizes the image on the retina, and which is thought to calculate global image motion. Contrary to expectation, the receptive fields cluster in a horizontal stripe in front of the mouse. We confirm by psychophysics that the visual space covered by the receptive fields is driving the optokinetic reflex and not global image motion per se.

PhD 2011, BCCN-Berlin / Technical University Berlin with Prof. Klaus Obermayer "Real-time analysis of extracellular multielectrode recordings"
PostDoc in the lab of Prof. Andreas Hierlemann, ETHZ
Research Fellow, ETHZ
Assistant Professor IOB/University of Basel since 2020