ElenaElena Bizzari is doing her PhD in neuroscience in Alain Chédotal's team, in the development department. She wanted to know the secrets of how the nervous system works, so it was natural that she turned to neuroscience research. Research activity, which she describes as "stimulating and dynamic", suits her perfectly.

Her current project focuses on the innervation of the cornea, particularly its regeneration and development in mouse eyes. Her image, "Cornea city", was taken as part of her work on this project, and represents an entire mouse cornea innervated by neuronal axons expressing fluorescent proteins.

The image was taken with a confocal microscope, more precisely the Olympus model (similar to the one in the photo). This type of machine, widely used in research, is useful for reconstructing 3D images of the objects studied, in order to get an idea of the morphological and nervous organisation in 3D.

Portrait and text by Delphine Menard