Twenty-eight photos, created by our talented technicians and researchers, were in the running for first place in our competition this year.

You have voted to determine the winners and the competition was extremely tight ! Here we have the first results for the photos that ranked from 6th to 10th place.

Below you can see them again and here is the list with the authors and the revelation of what these photos represent:

➡️ "La Ruche" by Quentin Rappenau representing endothelial cells (yellow) of the cornea surrounded by nerves (green and brown, colours are arbitrary)
 7th ➡️ "PsychBio" by Leyna Boucherit representing degenerating human retinal cells observed by expansion microscopy
 8th ➡️ "Retina of Rorschach" by Marion Lerat representing labelling of neural progenitors in a chicken embryo retina, using the Brainbow technique
 9th ➡️ "Beau Soleil" by Morgane Belle representing mouse retina with the axons that will form the optic nerve. The centre of this 'sun' is the retina and each 'ray' represents the axons of the ganglion cells forming the optic nerve.
 9th ➡️ "Hyperspace" by Marie-Laure Niepon representing confocal image of a pig retina "inflated" by expansion method with labelling of microglia in blue, nuclei in white and cones in red.
10th ➡️ "Coeur IPS" by Djida Ghoubay representing Culture of Induced pluripotent stem cells

If you wish further details about the photos, please contact us at contact[@]
Very soon we will reveal the photos voted by you from 5th to the 1st place! So... stay tuned!