Ultrasonic imaging to investigate the functioning of the visual cortex

Ultrafast ultrasound imaging has recently been proposed to monitor brain activity in the depth of the brain.

This new technology would even make it possible to visualize functional structures as fine-as the ocular dominance bands in the visual cortex - that are too small for more traditional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) detection.

These are the conclusions of a study led by Serge Picaud, physiopathologist at the Institut de la Vision (Sorbonne University / Inserm / CNRS) and Mickael Tanter, physicist at the Physics for Medicine Laboratory (ESPCI Paris - PSL / Inserm / CNRS) and director of the ART "Biomedical Ultrasound".

The repercussions of their work, published on 8 June 2020 in the journal PNAS, reach far beyond the understanding of the visual system.

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