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This event is entirely devoted to Usher syndrome, a rare genetic disorder combining sensorineural deafness, visual impairment due to retinitis pigmentosa and sometimes vestibular impairment. It will bring together experts and key players (ENT, ophthalmologists, residents, young scientists, students, patient associations) in the field of sensory disorders.


Our conference is open to patients and their families with a half-day especially dedicated to the information of patients and patient advocacy groups and will consist of :

  • 26th and 27th June, 2020: International Scientific Symposium Usher info
  • 27th June (afternoon), 2020 : International Usher info Patient Symposium


The event is organized within the framework of the LIGHT4DEAF research project funded by "Investir l'Avenir" and the "French National Research Agency" (ANR). It aims to implement a major, concerted and interdisciplinary effort by scientists, ophthalmologists, ENT specialists, experts in vestibular, neuro-cognitive and human sciences to address the unmet clinical needs of patients with Usher syndrome.

For further details, abstract submission and registration (free of charge but mandatory) please visit the following link