The Institut de la Vision (IDV) is recruiting a bio-informatician to analyze single cell and bulk RNA sequencing.

The IDV will create a complete database of RNA expression of different cell types and identify cell subpopualtions in ocular tissues in physiology and pathological situation.

The database will be used to understand how a candidate gene/protein and which cell subpopulations affect homeostasis and ultimately participate in ocular pathologies. The state-of-the-art cell phenotyping facility is currently set-up at the IDV. It is composed of a flow cytometer, a FACS cell sorter and a 10x Genomic Chromium microfluidic Instrument that will be used to isolate and build libraries from bulk tissues, cell sorted cells or single cells from dissociated tissues from human, non-human primates and mouse or retinal organoids generated from iPSC-derived human-cells.

Job description (IE)

- The candidate will perform bulk RNaseq and scRNaseq data analysis (Cell Ranger, Seurat...) in closed interaction with the IDV teams. The candidate will have to use or develop tools to provide state-of-the-art and up-to-date analysis of bulk RNAseq and scRNaseq data including Total/Cite Seq and panel sequencing.

- The candidate will be in charge of developing and maintaining the computational resources needed to analyze scRNAseq and bulk RNAseq.

- The candidate should have experience or competence in training people to basic RNAseq analysis.

- Additional skills in bulk RNA seq analysis will be appreciated.

- Skills in wet lab experimentation are not required

Applications should be sent to Xavier Guillonneau (