PostDoc offer (24 Months): Thermal Wavefront shaping: optical development and application to neurosciences.

To date, wavefront shaping technologies do not meet the needs of many emerging photonics applications which require a combination of compacity, cost-efficiency, operation in transmission mode, and reconfigurability beyond simple refocusing. In collaboration with R. Quidant’s team, we recently proposed a novel concept of wavefront shaping. Our approach, coined as ‘Smartlens’, exploits electrically induced thermal phase-shifts at the micro-scale: current in a micrometric resistance locally creates a temperature distribution within a polymer, thus inducing a refractive index landscape which can affect and shape optical wavefronts. By optimizing the design of the resistor with a genetic algorithm, we managed to precisely control the temperature and index profiles so as to precisely shape the wavefront of the transmitted light. Individually, or in arrays, it can generate complex free-form functions based on either pure or combined Zernike polynomials, including lenses or aberration correctors of electrically tunable magnitude. Furthermore, these systems are compact, quasi-achromatic and polarization-insensitive.

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We propose a 24-month postdoc position to continue these developments (in collaboration with Quidant’s team - ETH Zurich) and target applications in microscopy and endoscopy for neurosciences.

Requirements : The candidate should have a good knowledge of experimental optics. No prior experience in biology is required. The candidate should not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies) in France for more than 12 months in the last 3 years.







Location : Institut de la Vision, Center of Paris (Bastille), France.
Funding : Paris Region Fellowship Program (European co-fund)
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