Field: Vision and ophthalmology

The project aims at understanding vision and defining how pathologies and artificial stimulations can modify information processing at the retinal level. Retinal information processing can be recorded by multielectrode arrays on the ex vivo tissue using different stimulation protocols (light, electrical…).

This approach is therefore used to investigate how pathologies can affect this information processing and how various stimulation procedures will restore activity.
Expertise in electrophysiology would be appreciated. Clear result presentation is required for discussions with industrial partners.

The position is dedicated to the team of Serge Picaud at the Paris Vision Institute in the city center. He has recently contributed to the development of visual restoration by retinal prostheses and optogenetic therapy. Recent paper: Prevot et al., Nat. Biomed. Engin. (2019).

How to apply: Please send you application, including your CV, summary of your previous research experiences and contact information: