The Wavefront engineering microscopy group, at the Institut de la Vision is looking for a PhD student in the frame of the Marie Curie ETN "ZENITH".
You will have more information about the project and its primary project supervisor by clicking this link

The Marie Curie ETN "ZENITH" graduate programme will train 15 students in cutting-edge systems neuroscience. Students will undertake interdisciplinary research projects along with advanced workshops, scientific symposia and opportunities for industrial placements.

The three-year program is fully funded by ZENITH and will lead to the award of a PhD in Neuroscience by the relevant partner University (associated with the primary project supervisor). Working language throughout the programme is English.

Applications for the ZENITH PhD program will close on January 5th, 2020.
Final decision: March 2020. Students will begin their PhD contract between April and September 2020.