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The Vision Institute is one of the largest integrated research centres in Europe dedicated to vision diseases. Conceived as a place of gathering and exchange, it brings together researchers, doctors and industrialists around patients, and is the leading vision research centre in the world. 


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Over the past years, the Institut de la Vision has been acknowledged several times and has received multiple national and internationl titles which have enhanced its reputation.

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Foundation Fighting blindness

The Foundation Fighting Blindness recognizes the Institut de la Vision as one of its reference centers for therapeutic research. The urgent mission of the Foundation Fighting Blindness is to drive the research that will provide preventions, treatments and cures for people affected by retinitis pigmentosa (RP), macular degeneration, Usher syndrome, and the entire spectrum of retinal degenerative diseases.

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Institut Carnot

The Carnot Institute is intended to support partnership in research works led by public laboratories in partnership with socio-economic actors (mainly companies). Research partnership development is an important objective of the French government in order to boost innovation and company competitiveness. The Carnot title has been awarded for a 4 year renewable period by public research laboratories, namely the Carnot Institutes, which lead both long-term theoretical research activities suitable to renew their scientific and technological competencies and an active policy regarding research partnership to the socio-economic actors benefit.

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Laboratory of Excellence

The project "Lifesenses: senses for a lifetime" coordinated by the Institut de la Vision and carried out by the Foundation Voir & Entendre was one of the 100 projects of excellence selected and funded by the government program "Investing for the Future". The project Lifesenses specialises in research on the physiology and pathology of the visual and auditory deficits. Its goal is to integrate new basic research concepts into clinical perspectives and develop treatments for currently untreatable diseases of the vision and hearing. Project partners are the Centre of Clinical Investigation of the National Centre of Ophthalmology (CHNO) des Quinze-Vingts and the Laboratory of Genetics and Physiology of Hearing (Pasteur Institute, University Pierre and Marie Curie, College de France, University of Bordeaux-2).