Françoise Brignole-Baudouin MD, PHD, HDR, is associate professor  of toxicology at the “Faculté de Pharmacie de Paris”, Sorbonne Paris Cité university, Paris. She has an international expertise in in vitro and in vivo comparative toxicological studies and on ex vivo flow cytometry. She developed new tools for assessing ocular inflammation during ocular surface diseases and especially in dry eye disease (DED). Her recent success was the validation of a “conjunctival impression cytology HLA-DR antigen quantification flowcytometric assay”. This test was used in several phase II and III clinical studies and demonstrated that HLA-DR, correlated with the severity and the follow-up of DED is considered today as the best biomarker for assessing ocular surface inflammation.  She is also involved in ocular surface toxicological evaluation of xenobiotic like drug chemical active compounds or environmental pollutants. F. Brignole-Baudouin is also in charge of the Flow Cytometry Platform at the Vision Institute.




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