Jimmy Murari

PhD Student at Sorbonne University

Research interests:
Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the cause of irreversible visual loss of over 190 million people in 2020 with a projection of 288 million cases in 2040. One of the main challenges in studying AMD is to be able to detect it at the earliest possible stage. According to the literature, there seem to be some changes in the eye micro-movements during fixation when developing AMD. The goal of my Ph.D. project is to highlight those subtle kinematic changes and correlate them to the patient’s retinal structural change, disease progression, and functional deterioration of the vision. This experimental and clinical neuroscience work linking psychophysics tests and eye imaging should lead to a biomarker for AMD and the presence of drusen at a pre-clinical stage.

I am also part of the Paris Eye Imaging team at the Quinze-Vingts Hospital, a group of ophthalmologists and physicists studying high-resolution imaging of the human eye. There, I work at the Clinical Investigation Center (CIC) where I perform psychophysics tests during the acquisition of high-resolution high-speed videos of the retina, in order to study eye micro-movements at a precision never seen before.



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