Jothini John-Vyani-Rajalingam

PhD student Sorbonne University. Research interests: Healthy aging is associated with alterations of neurobiological systems which can lead to cognitive deficiencies. One of those systems revolves around dopamine, a neuromodulator involved in shaping neuronal signal transmission. The prefrontal cortex is one of the target areas of dopaminergic inputs. It is highly involved in working memory and attention. Studies in humans and rats have shown a decrease of basal extracellular dopamine levels in the prefrontal cortex during aging. However, how this phenomenon is linked to cognitive deficits is still unknown. Therefore, during my thesis, I will be establishing the role of dopamine in the prefrontal cortex of aging mice. I will use pharmacology and electrophysiology techniques in behavioural tasks involving spatial navigation and attention. I will also determine whether these cognitive deficits can be compensated for by modulating the dopaminergic inputs.



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