Alexandre Delaux

PhD student Sorbonne University. Research interests: I conduct my doctoral work in the framework of the Silversight project Healthy Visual Aging, Action and Autonomy (ANR Research Chair) at the Vision Institute. My main interest lies in monitoring brain activity in ecological-like conditions in order to provide insights on the impact of healthy aging on spatial cognition in realistic situations. I aim to design a functional platform for mobile brain imaging with additional biometric sensors (eye tracking, motion capture, …). Applications will focus on visually based spatial navigation tasks, which offer a representative case of high-level brain function (prominently mediated by active vision).
Healthy aging is associated with natural degradation of low-level visual functions as well as higher-level spatial cognitive functions. For instance, older people have difficulty to properly use visual information to perform complex navigation tasks. Throughout my PhD, I will formulate and test hypotheses to understand how visual and cognitive aging impair the ability to navigate properly. During my experiments, I am using electroencephalography (EEG) in both virtual reality and real-world setups, to study human behavior during exploration, navigation and spatial reorientation.



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