Jean-Baptiste de Saint Aubert

PhD student Sorbonne University. Research interests: As we age, we tend to look up less information, take longer to process it and use simpler, less cognitively demanding strategies. Aging is associated with a reduction of exploratory tendencies, especially in the spatial cognition context, and the balance between exploitation and exploration is a fundamental need for adaptive behaviour in a complex and changing world. He is particularly interested in understanding how the decision-making processes involved in spatial navigation are affected by healthy aging as well as the associated exploratory vs. exploitative behaviors. He will approach the study of these mechanisms with electroencephalography (EEG) measurements in a simple two-armed bandit experiment. He will then investigate the possibility of behaviorally impacting the exploratory tendencies of older adults using a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) online-feedback method, which can potentially lead to powerful training and rehabilitative protocols. This work could then be pursued and replicated in a more ecological framework, with an active motion virtual reality navigation task, adding biometric recordings to mobile EEG cortical activity measurements.



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