Adrien Chopin

PostDoc. Research interests: he is a postdoc researcher in cognitive sciences, specialized in learning and perception. His goal is to understand how we learn or unlearn to see the world, how we grow or lose cognitive skills and how the brain changes when that happens.

He is particularly interested in: (1) binocular vision (such as 3D-stereoscopic vision) and its many ways to fail (amblyopia, stereoblindness, rivalry, aging); (2) the effects of stereovision on everyday life tasks and falls, particularly in aging; (3) recovery from 3D-stereoblindness and brain plasticity; (4) the effects of screen (TV, internet, video games…) on cognition, children or adults; (5) how video games can improve learning and cognitive skills.

He aims at finding ways of: (1) treating stereoblindness (some observers cannot see “in 3D” at all – 7% of the population); (2) avoiding falls in visually aging people; (3) treating amblyopia, which is the main cortical vision pathology (3% of the population – no known treatment for adults); (3) improving the diagnosis of stereoblindness; (4) improving cognition.

He uses psychophysics, fMRI, eyetracking, video games and virtual reality.



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