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Computational Neuroscience Symposium in Paris 17 June 2019

Computational neuroscience combines experimentation and modeling in the exploration of the causal mechanisms responsible for the major functions of the brain (perception, cognition, motor skills, their learning and their dysfunctions). Interactions between experimentation and modeling are fundamental to the progress of our understanding of the nervous system. Modeling provides a quantitative formal framework allowing data interpretation and leading to experimentally testable predictions.

Experiments constrain models so that they are not arbitrarily formal, but tangibly rooted in biological reality. At the center of these two complementary approaches is the desire to elucidate the underlying mechanisms responsible for the physiological functions studied, and to understand the logic of multi-scale interactions, from molecular determinants to the dynamics of neural networks.

This open symposium follows three internal editions of the UPMC. It is thought of as an opportunity for meeting and exchange between the different actors of the neuroscience community, around modeling-experimentation interactions.

Participants are invited to present their work as a poster or oral presentation. Models and data waiting for models are welcome!

Deadline for registration is set to May 31th 2019


Confirmed speakers:

Claire Sergent
Gabrielle Girardeau
Romain Brette
Jean Daunizeau


Room 106, barre 44-45, on campus Pierre & Marie Curie in Sorbonne Université, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris

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