*Be able to chose the most suitable combination of actuator, illumination methods and targeting strategy for each specific application

*Learn the skills and technologies required to design and build up an optical system for optical control of neuronal circuits

Neurophysiologists, physicists (researchers, phD students or engineers)

Attendees should have a strong background in neurosciences, in cell biology or in optical microscopy.
To adapt the programme for the trainees’ expectations, we invite the attendees to download and fill out the survey from our web site.

- Introduction: optogenetics and uncaging
- Opsin photo-cycle modeling
- Wave front shaping and liquid crystal matrix
- Computer generated holography
- Generalized phase contrast
- Temporal focusing
- Three dimensional light patterning and temporal focusing
- Two-photon optogenetics: scanning, spiral scanning, parallel illumination: examples and comparison among the different approaches
- How to build up an holographic optical set-up
- All-optical interrogation of brain circuits
- Patterned voltage and calcium imaging
- Viral vector design
- Optogenetics and vision; optogenetics and audition

Practical courses (in small rotating groups of 7 participants max with 2 trainers by group)
- How to build up an holographic optical set up (optical design and software)
- In vitro 2P patterned photostimulation
- In vitro 2P functional imaging and patterned photostimulation
- Projects from applicants (practical): proposition of projects by the participants and discussion on feasibility

V. Emiliani, E. Papagiakoumou, N. Accanto, E. Ronzitti, D. Dalkara, C. Wyart, D. Tanese, D. di Gregorio, G. Dugué, S.
Picaud (researchers), D. Oron (researcher, Weitzmann Institute) and P. Hagemman (PR, Institut for experimental
biophysics, Berlin)


Useful Information (flyer with programm to download)

Date : Monday 8th October - Friday 13th October
Schedule : from 9h00
Address : 74 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine, 75012 Paris (ground floor, last entrance on the right)
Deadline for pre-registration : 31 August 2018

Places available are limited: book fast!
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