Cité Internationale Universitaire hotel de villeEuropean Retina Meeting 2017 will be held from 5th to the 7th October in Paris, France, at the International House of the University City, in the South of Paris very close to the Montsouris Park.

The pictures on the left are showing the venue of the meeting and the Hotel de Ville in Paris, where the gala dinner will be held.

This Meeting is bringing together the best specialists in vision, especially in retinal research, from all over the world. Our current understanding of the retinal information processing is now making it possible to design rational therapies for a number of diseases impairing the visual system.

Therefore, this event will provide not only the opportunity to view and examine the function and physiology of the animal and human retina, but also predict and explore new therapeutic solutions for retinal diseases and dysfunctions.

The registration and abstracts submission for oral and poster presentations are now open.

Deadline for submission is the 15th June 2017

A draft programme and further info can be found on the event page