All optical investigation of brain circuits with optogenetics and wave front shaping.

The Wavefront engineering microscopy group at the Neurophotonics Laboratory ( in Paris has an open position for a 2 years assistant engineer.

Understanding communication between neurons, who is talking to whom, and what language they are speaking, is essential for discovering how brain circuits underlie brain function and dysfunction. Over the past decades, neuroscience has made exponential progress toward recording and imaging communication between neurons. In addition, geneticists have recently developed the capability to manipulate neurons with light through the expression of light-activated proteins called "opsins”. The use of these new tools requires sophisticated illumination methods. In the past years, the Wave front engineering microscopy group has pioneered the use of wave front shaping approaches (computer generated holography, generalized phase contrast, temporal focusing) to deliver patterned light into brain tissue thus enabling simultaneous activation of multiple neurons and independently controlling the strength and timing of light targeted to each cell. In this project, we aim at characterizing newly developed opsins to determine which are best suited for wave front shaping techniques, implement wave front shaped patterns in three-dimensions and validate the use of the system in collaboration with neuroscientists studying circuits in optically and physiologically diverse neural systems.

Job profile
The candidate will participate in developing the experimental strategy enabling all optical brain control by combining optogenetics two-photon photo-stimulation and two-photon Ca2+ imaging.
The candidate will be in charge of in vitro preparations (cell cultures, cell primary cultures, organotypic cultures), the maintenance of cell cultures and mice transgenic lines, mice genotyping, lab stocks, and lab common equipment.

We are seeking a candidate with a Master or equivalent in neurobiology, biophysics, or related field with a demonstrated experience in: viral injections, cell cultures, cell primary cultures, genotyping.
Experience in optical imaging and electrophysiology is welcome but not mandatory.

Contract duration:
2-year renewable

Depending on candidate experience

How to apply
Application must be sent to:
Please include the following information:
- CV
- Brief summary of previous activity
- Contact information of two referees

Contact information
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