Platforms Institute




Twelve platforms are at the core of the Institute’s research activities, dedicated to: tissue and cell imaging by confocal microscopy, adaptive optics, full field optical coherence tomography, functional explorations, DNA-collection, transcriptome and proteome analysis, bioinformatics, behavioral tests, patch clamp study of ionic channels, two-photon imaging and utilization of optogenetic tools, preclinical studies on non human primate, development of animal models, genetic therapy approaches, pharmalogical and light toxicity studies, high-throughput screening.








The animal facility service of the Institut de la Vision maintains a controlled environment in which animals with defined biological characteristics are housed and manipulated. It is a communal service to fulfill the animal experimentation needs of academic and private research teams in accordance with the legislation in force.

Platforms Institute

The platform aims at supporting research teams in characterizing rodent models of ocular pathologies and evaluating the efficacy of new therapeutic treatments on these models.

The flow cytometry core facility is located on the 3rd floor of the Institut de la Vision and offers two types of analysis: the first is cells based on a Cytometer FC500® analyzer and the second operates on soluble compounds using a Luminex analyzer

The preclinical platform in ophthalmology is dedicated to the exploration and validation of concepts and to the preclinical evaluation of new treatment strategies in the domains of gene, cell and drug-based therapies.

The High-Throughput Screening Core Facility (HTS Core Facility) of the Institut de la Vision is a core facility aiming at developing new screening approaches linked to the in-house academic research and to original disease models for large scaled screenings.